Development Update #7

War of Supremacy

There have been some major game changes with War of Supremacy since last development diary. This is mainly to do with the win condition. Player’s now win the game by getting a number (probably 3) of round wins. These are going to be called conquests. While the mechanics are fairly similar, the way to play and feel is different.

Previously, the game circled around how efficient you were in getting rid of creatures in your hand. You wanted to try and get rid of as many creatures as you could, while at the same time keeping stronger cards to help win at the end. The problem with this was that it was a little counter-intuitive. You were trying to outscore your opponent, but you won by getting rid of your cards. It has now been changed to winning rounds. These were previously in the game, but only gave an advantage in that you got to start the next round (and therefore play any creature you wanted). Players will win a round and gain a conquest if all other players can’t defeat them or they win combat with a score of 20 (subject to balancing) or more. Players will now also pick up cards from the deck at the end of each turn, replenishing resources to win conquests.

As players win by conquests not by getting rid of creatures in their hand, I have removed a few of the previous attacking restrictions. Now you can play as many creatures from the same race or the same type as you want. Neutral creatures still have a limitation of max of two creatures played at a time (unless they are the same type). A lot of people when playing previously questioned this rule of limiting attacks. Now it makes sense to allow players to play as many as they want. If they play a lot of cards at once, they will struggle in the next few rounds, adding that risk verse reward of having a big turn. In saying that, the game is about trying to find combinations of creatures to score the 20 points needed, while at the same time making sure opponents can’t win the round at the same time.

Discarding cards is a lot of fun now as well. As cards get replenished at the end of each players turn (currently 2 cards if the player has 6 or under cards in their hand, or 1 card if they have 7, 8 or 9), discarding opponent cards will be annoying, but mainly only for a turn until they can replenish.

The game is theoretically a lot quicker as well. Players do not need to defeat the opponent anymore and will not get punished, and get more cards afterwards. The only negative will be that the current defender is one person closer to winning the conquest. Therefore, players do not have to think as much in their turn. There is no consequence.

I have tested this with three and was very fun. I feel it will be good with 4 and 5 and potentially 6 players. Teams will also be good in this format. Working together to win conquests. The only downside is that it may not work as well with two players. But that is yet to be playtested.



So, you may have recently seen a difference in the layout of the website. This is because I have changed to Previously I had used (not knowing the difference). The main difference is that, the org version is self hosted, whereas the com version is hosted by wordpress. The org version allows you a lot more freedom and gives more plugins for the site. One such plugin I really wanted was a Mailing List sign up list which wasn’t available on the previous wordpress. Now, if people like the game, they can sign up to the email and get news about when Kickstarter is about to launch, and other things about the game. Also, later in the future, the .org version allows me to create a plugin that can create a store front if I ever want to sell the games through here.

There are still a few errors, but will fix them up soon.

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