Development Update #10

Gameplay changes

The biggest change since last development update has been Territories. This has been a fairly significant change in gameplay, but not at the same time. Territories are what player’s are fighting over and are being used in two ways. Previously, I had no way to count a player’s victory conditions. Now, once a player wins a conquest, they gain the Territory that is currently in play. Secondly, Territories are in play each round and have an effect, which lasts the range of the conquest. I have made territory abilities as minimal as possible, but still enough to change the gameplay slightly in each conquest round.

I have reduced the amount of attacking rules needed even more. Now you can attack with any creature even if they do not contribute to the victory. Previously, this was a bit of a hazy rule and had some playtesters question why it was there. Technically there was no reason and was left over from the old game (where you had to get rid of creatures to win). This makes it much easier to explain and doesn’t give as much questionable rules.

Balance has also been adjusted on some of the cards. I will need to look into lowering the number of cards for the base game. There are probably too many initially, both for manufacturing and gameplay purposes.

Box Art

CJ, has done a fantastic job with the box art. Looking to change the logo to match.

Blood/Dread cards

I have also got Blood and Dread cards from TheGameCrafter. They are potentially the expansion races that will come with the game if the Kickstarter goes well. Have had a few games with them and are a lot of fun. They will need a bit of balancing and more playtesting with them, but overall happy with the way they turned out. Only issue I have found has been swapping cards in and out between the races when wanting to play with different ones. This is why I may reduce the amount of cards in each race.

PAX and Blind Playtests

I will be working hard in the next few weeks to get everything ready for PAX Aus and also start doing blind playtesting. The draft rules are close to completion. Once again, the latest rules and Print and Play cards can be found here.


I have also started the Kickstarter campaign page. Not much has been done as of yet, but it is the start of a reality 🙂

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