Development Update #11

A lot of work going on with War of Supremacy since last update. While still 4 months away, there is a lot still to do to get the game and Kickstarter ready. The main thing I need is some blind playtesting. If you are interested in the game, please download the print and play files and have a read of the rulebook here. Any feedback is appreciated. 

Test Days and Gameplay

Since last update I have had two playtest sessions. One was at a local unpub (unpublished board game) and the other I had my own personal test day. Both days, players enjoyed the game and I received good feedback. From the feedback given, there have been a number of tweaks to gameplay in terms of:

  1. Length. I have adjusted the number of territories players have to win at different player counts. I also adjusted the recommended number of Territories the players should be fighting over.
  2. Spell Types. I changed the time of when some spells can be played. Instead of “play at any time”, it has been split up into a few different types. This was to remove the situations of uncertainty when abilities of cards and spells clashed. The spells are now:
    • Play in Your Turn – spells that can only be played in your turn.
    • Play in Any Turn – spells that can be played in any players turn.
    • Play Straight Away – These must be played straight away and the effects done immediately before any more gameplay continues. These can be played in any players turn.
    • Play on Condition – spells that can be played when their condition is activated. These can be played in any players turn.
    • Play on Creature – These spells target creatures in combat. They can be played in one of two situations: Firstly, they can be played if the targeted creature(s) have just been placed into combat from the players hand, but before their abilities take effect. They can also be played after all creature abilities have been resolved in any players turn.
  3. Creature Abilities. Creature abilities have been tweaked and reworded and changed to better balance and work with gameplay.
  4. Legendary Balance. Legendary rated creatures have been reduced in power level slightly. This was to remove the luck factor of picking them up. They are still really strong, but are not overpowered as they were before (mainly with attack stats).
  5. Reduced Cards. I have reduced the number of cards for the initial game. This is to reduce manufacturing cost. The other cards will likely still come, but as stretch goals in the campaign. The balance of these set of cards seems good.

Overall, people are enjoying the core gameplay, and it is just tweaking the cards now.

Rules and Print and Play

I have updated the files to represent the new changes.

Logo and Box Art

The logo and box are have been updated and finished.  I want to thank all the feedback I got on the facebook group The feedback given was able to change and adapt the previous versions into what it is now. They look fantastic and can now be seen up on boardgamegeek

The Rendered image is looking amazing as well. I can’t wait for these to print.

Card Back

With the new Logo, the card back had to change. Here is the updated card back for both portrait (playing cards) and landscape (territory cards).


PAX Aus is fast coming up and I will be there on Friday and Saturday (27-28 October). Please come by and say hi or have a game when your there.

I have been busy preparing and getting everything ready for the convention. I recently sent off the new cards to TheGameCrafter with all the recent changes. I am hoping they will arrive before we go to PAX.

I will be creating posters  to advertise and bookmarks to hand out at PAX. Will be doing them very soon.

Mailing List

If you haven’t joined our mailing list, you can by clicking the following link.

Also, for information on War of Supremacy you can join our Facebook page or or Twitter page Any support is grateful. 


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