Development Update #12

Wow, it has been a while since my last update, in which I apologize. A lot has been going on in development, both in design and behind the scenes. 


PAX Australia was amazing. I met so many other great local developers and other industry members. It was great showcasing and getting people to playtest War of Supremacy. Had great feedback and people seemed to enjoy it. I have already mentioned a lot of the benefits of going to conventions here, and these were found from this trip. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the Sunday, but had plenty of people come up on the Friday and Saturday. I look forward to the next convention at CanCon.


The core design of War of Supremacy has been quite stable for a while. However, there have been a number of tweaks since the last update. The main tweaking was to do with wording on the cards with their abilities. Trying to make a standard of keywords and how they are worded is very hard and took a long time. I am fairly confident with the current wording, although some will likely change before the final.

Other changes have been based on balance. These have been brought up from feedback as well as watching people playing.

  • You can now play as many neutral creatures as you wish. They can be played with any one other faction or the same creature type. Previously, you could only play one neutral creature with any one other creature. This was very confusing to explain and people got it wrong a lot. So I simplified it.
  • Legendary Creatures have been slightly reduced in power level. Before they were combat changing. Some could win it on their own. Now, while their abilities may be the same, their stats in combat scores have been reduced to be on a better curve to the other power levels.
  • You can only play one Legendary Creature on your turn. While the power level got reduced, it was found that if an opponent played multiple Legendary Creatures on the same turn it felt a little unfair. Now there is a restriction which doesn’t make them as strong, but still feel powerful. 
  • I have also changed the wording on summoned creatures. These creatures come from another area and not played naturally from your hand. Summoned creatures can break the other attacking rules.


Another change to the game has been the addition of tokens. I previously used dice to display creature combat stat changes. They worked, but felt a little clunky. I have decided now to go with tokens and they work much more nicely. Tokens will be double sided with the positive and negative values of each number on opposite sides. There will be 1s, 3s and 5s. The green token represents all three values.


I have been talking with reviewers to get War of Supremacy preview videos for the Kickstarter page. I have several confirmed at the moment and am still reaching out to others.

The order I placed with TheGameCrafter is unfortunately taking longer than I hoped and still hasen’t shipped yet. These are with all the changes done above.


I have competitive quotes from two manufacturers. I am in the process of choosing between the two and will be based off card samples.

I have gotten quotes from shipping and they are looking quite reasonable. Ship Naked is looking like a great option.

Kickstarter Page and Date

Slowly working on the Kickstarter Page and building it up. Long way to go, but if I do a little at a time it will get done.

Based off the quotations, I feel I have a competitive and good price point for the Kickstarter. Only time will tell though.

The Kickstarter date I have set is Tueday February 20 (American time). This has been found to be the best time to launch a Kickstater and most do. Unfortunately, it will be around 2am Wednesday morning, Australian time, so I hope to get some Aussie backers during our day.

Test Day

Coming up this Saturday 2nd, I have another test day. If you are in the Sydney area, I would be happy for you to come along. While the core cards I feel are quite close to being done, this test day will be focusing on the addition of the cards I removed. These will be added hopefully through stretch goals. Secondly, I would like to test a mini expansion that has two different factions, the Blood and Dread. I am interested how changing factions changes the balance of the game. Also, how people find switching factions in and out.


I will be looking to get the remainder of the art done soon. I am talking with a few of my artists to finish off the remaining images.


The War of Supremacy page has been updated. Hopefully it has improved in showcasing the core principles of the game and highlighting the key features. I have added a few different images showing all the game components and provided snippets from the rulebook.

Rulebook, Print and Play and Tabletopia

The Rulebook, Print and Play and Tabletopia versions of the game have been updated with all the changes that have come through.

Rulebook and PnP:


Tabletop Generation

Tabletop Generation is a great resource for the boardgame community. I was contacted while looking for reviewers to add my details to the website. It is free to sign up and offers much:

  • Showcasing your game, reviewer videos, podcast. Essentially anything gaming, you can show off here.
  • Helps you build an audience.
  • Easy place to find people to collaborate with.
  • Be social. You can post updates, blogs and chat in the forum.
  • Request and connect with people.

War of Supremacy page can be found here. You may also see some advertising for it on the main page.

Lots of things going on with War of Supremacy, and a lot still to do. I am confident in the current progress before the Kickstarter date. Only 12 weeks to go!

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