Development Update #13

Welcome to the monthly development update.

Reviewer Copies

This week I received, organised and resent out the reviewer copies for War of Supremacy. The quality from the Gamecrafter was amazing. Loved the tokens and cards. Hopefully the copies will get to the reviewers before the new year. It is exciting and in the wild.

Gameplay Tweaks

A few weeks ago I had a test day and got some good feedback. It was noticed that for new players, or beginner players to board games that there may of been a lot going on and slightly overwhelmed them. For this reason, a introductory set-up was added to the rulebook. The changes introduced being:

  • This reduced the number of cards in the game to just four factions.
  • Used only single combat form cards making it easier to know what each creatures score is.
  • Players will only pick up two cards at the end of their turn. Later they can still pick up three, discard one if they want more choice.
  • The territory ability will be removed.

Once people learn and know the cards, they can choose which set-up and gameplay they wish to use.


I have started promoting War of Supremacy on Facebook. Some paid ads as well as trying to be more active in the forums. A lot of work still to be done, but War of Supremacy is slowly becoming noticed.


Finalization of Quotes and Pricing

I have got quotes for shipping and manufacturing. The final pricing for the Kickstarter is also close to being worked out.

Kickstarter Page

The Kickstarter page is slowly crawling along. It is probably the biggest thing still left to do as well as continual promotion. During the Christmas holidays I will have to give After Effects a go to try and do the video. I have done a rough script and know relatively well what images that can be used throughout. It is just putting it all together.


While there is not too much art left to do, Rosauro did a great job of creating an image for my friend Andrew. This is based off his dnd character “Snowy”. Snowy will be a card in the game. During the campaign I will also be offering a pledge level where a person can become a card in the game using their image. This was a great test to see if it could be done.

There is also a secret image being worked on. I can’t say too much now, but hopefully it will be available in the Kickstarter once a level has been completed.

Tutorial Video

I have also created a demonstration tutorial video for War of Supremacy. While professionals will do a better job in the future, for now it was made to tell the basic gameplay and core mechanics. You can check it out here:

War of Supremacy Kickstarter is less than 9 weeks away so keep an eye and an ear out.

I wish everyone a merry Christmas and enjoy the festive season. I hope you all get to play some awesome games.

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