Development Update #3

Small development update this time round. A lot of back end work is being developed.

War of Supremacy


Graphic design for the cards are complete, and I am starting to populate all the cards with their information and images. This is a fun process, seeing the game come alive from the very beginning.

I have tweaked the layout slightly from last update, changing the size of the numbers and adding artist information. I am excited to show them off over time to everyone.

Prototype Printing

Continuing on from the complete graphic design and cards, I am looking to get several copies of the full set printed. This will be done using a print on demand service. I have looked at, but am looking at other options. Hopefully this will give a good polish and look to the game I can use to show off to people, give to reviewers and use for promotions and marketing.

I still have to look into cost and decide on how many cards I want to showcase with this. Currently with what I want to put in there is close to 400 cards which will obviously be a higher manufacturing cost and potentially shipping (if I need a bigger box).


I am currently getting a graphic designer to do the logo for the game. This will be placed on the box cover, used for marketing and also potentially on the card backs.


I am considering having dice used to show the number a player has to beat in the middle. However, I will have to see how 2-4 player maximum goes; if it is more streamlined and quick, with everyone more focused.


I am excited to say that War of Supremacy (as well as myself as a designer and Lost Treasure Games as a publisher) has been accepted onto the boardgamegeek website. This is the biggest gaming website and will be a good way to promote and also have development blogs. I will send a link in a future update once more information has been set up.


Rulebook and Print and Play

I have completed most of the first draft of the rulebook. There are a few small things I need to add, however most of the information is there. The images on there are currently using the old prototype card layouts, so I will have to update them soon. With this, I also want to put up a print and play version of the game to get people playing. Hopefully I can get both these complete by the end of the week.


Following up on my research, I have backed a few Kickstarter campaigns to follow their progress and updates. Check out some of the games I have been following:

Other Games and Test Days

Looking to have another test day for WoS and my other games soon. Working out details and will post shortly. Currently no design changes have been made for the other games, but may do some more closer to the date.

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