Development Update #4

War of Supremacy

A lot of work has been going in to War of Supremacy these last few weeks. Slowly trying to build up everything I need to start showing off to people.

Rules and Print and Play

I have finished an initial document for my rules as well as a print and play. These can be found on the War of Supremacy page. These are all based in Word and do not have the finished graphics. Hopefully they are printer friendly. So please, if you have the time and would like to give the game ago, print them out. All the cards from the first five races and all the rules are there.


All the cards have been populated with the images and correct information. As there is so many different cards, this took a while to do. I also tweaked a few little things from the template, including adding artist information, size of text and attack icons.


So I have added a few rules to War of Supremacy these last few weeks. These were made for quality of life and simplicity, based off feedback found from previous play tests.

1: I am adding a rule that if a player wins combat with 15 or more points, that they automatically win the Round. The benefits to this is to prevent turns whereby players are trying to calculate big numbers, slowing down the game. It also adds tactics as to if you have a 15+ combo, when to use it. The rules are as follows:

  • Score 15-19: EITHER: That player starts the next round OR: They make all other players pick up ONE card from the deck. If they choose this, then the next player starts combat.
  • Score 20-24: That player starts the next round AND They make all other players pick up ONE card from the deck.
  • Score 25-29: That player starts the next round AND They make all other players pick up TWO cards from the deck.
  • Score 30+: That player starts the next round AND They make all other players pick up THREE cards from the deck.

2: Adding a side board for if players have over ten cards in their hand. Last playtest, it was found that people got overwhelmed if they had more than ten cards in their hand. A side board is used, whereby if you have ten cards in your hand and are forced to pick up another. Instead of the card going into the player’s hand, it will be placed face down in front of them, creating a side board. When the player has less than ten cards, they get to pick up cards from their side board to make ten again. This means players are not overwhelmed but still require to get rid of all the cards. You do not interact with side boards and are not counted as part of the player’s hand.

This also opened up options for longer games. If players wanted to start with more than ten cards and play a long game, they can start the game with a side board.

Hopefully both these designs will make game play easier and quicker and also give more flexibility to the games. I have play tested these by myself and find them fun, but will need others to test and find the kinks.

I am unsure as to whether I need more abilities on cards. My current play test group are all fairly new to board games. This means that a lot of abilities may be overwhelming. For this reason, I have designed about half the creature cards to not have abilities. However, I am thinking that I need more simplistic and reoccurring abilities to make it more challenging and fun for advanced players (which will be more my audience). I will definitely need to test it both ways outside my play test group.


Still working with a graphic designer on the logo. A few complications have occurred, but hopefully they will all fix themselves. I am excited to get these as I can then start designing and placing on websites, card backs, board cover.

Print on Demand

I have put the Game Crafter on hold for now for printing the cards. This is mainly due to waiting for a Logo, and also uncertainties with the design (as mentioned above).


I have another playtest day in a couple of weeks. If you are in Sydney and are interested, let me know. I am also starting to look up local game places which do regular board game nights. There is one in my local area every Thursday night which I am wanting to start going to.

Board Game Geek

I have also been looking though Board Game Geek forums. There are a number of forums used for feedback into WIP designs and for testing purposes. I will be posting on these soon; both offering my assistance and posting my WoS.

Indie Game Alliance

I have also recently joined Indie Game Alliance. They offer amazing services to start up designers. Helping to promote their games and get people to playtest.

“Any volunteer Minions in our network who already have your games can immediately teach them at their local game store, convention, or any other public place. We build the relationships, book the space, and run the event with no hassle at all for you. When our Minions run your game, you’ll get an emailed report telling you what they played, where, with whom, if any sales were made, and any feedback from the players.”

Other Ideas

Don’t you hate when you get an idea for a game, but the general mechanics and theme has already been done. Oh well. I guess I may try to reskin it. My thought was to create a worker placement game based on bees. You are the queen bee, moving your worker bees to different locations. Your worker bees had get different pollen from different coloured flowers, fight off incoming insects wanting to destroy the pollen, build honey (points) or hive upgrades based on the coloured pollen you had already got.

I wanted to design something outside my comfort zone of fantasy. All my games so far are in the same world. However, I want to expand my designs and games. This was a challenge I set myself. Let’s see if I can change the theme slightly. Any ideas?

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