Development Update #5

War of Supremacy


I have been testing the new mechanic of automatically winning the round if you win combat with 15 or more score. It is working well and does speed up the games, as it was designed for. Previously it drew out the game as people tried to beat these big scores with little to no avail. Or it took a long time for players to think if they could beat the score or not.

I did test “the opponents pick up cards when you win automatically”, but found that also made the games longer and had little counteractivity. I do like the idea of having some other addition to punish opponents (only if by a little) if a person does win with over 15. I will look into it and playtest different options. I want to make sure that it has counters and does not draw out games for too long. Some ideas:

  1. Pick up a card and choosing who to give it to.
  2. Steal a spell from an opponent.
  3. Give a random card in your hand to another player.

I have briefly tested side boards as mentioned in the last development diary. They work and are fun, but are not for everyone as they do draw out the game for longer. Some people will like it, others won’t. This is why I will keep it as an optional game rule.


Unfortunately I am still working with a graphic designer on the logo. This has prolonged my official print on demand card prints and updating the boardgamegeek website and showcasing it off in the forums.

Test Day

Last weekend I had people round for testing. Everyone seemed to enjoy the three games in the Mahlor world: War of Supremacy, Time of Ascendance and Heroes of Mahlor.

I have come to the realisation that the two core games WoS and ToA are aimed at different people. While players enjoy both, the more casual crowd enjoy WoS more and the more hard-core board gamers enjoy ToA. I had recently stopped designing ToA and focussing on WoS. This was due to failure with the digital version, as well as less people wanting to play ToA on test days. They also seemed to want to play WoS more. I have come to realise that my friends are more of the casual board gamers and influenced these reasons. I realised this on the weekend, when some new players to the series played both games. They really seemed to enjoy the challenge and design of ToA. They liked WoS, but I saw more enjoyment in ToA.

This has reinvigorated my love of ToA. It was the original game and I feel has the better and unique gameplay. However, I still enjoy WoS and know it has it’s own market. So with that, I am still going to continue to produce and promote WoS for Kickstarter later this year. It is the easier to produce and manufacture and will help with the learning of the whole process. However, I will also continue to design ToA for the next game release after that. Hopefully with a successful Kickstarter and existing backers it will get a much larger audience.


I also had the pleasure of playing Lucidity  by another local developer: Fox Tale Games. It was a really fun push you luck dice game. It is coming to Kickstarter next month and I would recommend checking it out.

Time of Ascendance

As mentioned above, I have a new love for ToA again. With this in mind, and knowing I can and will produce both games, I have started a small redesign. All the old cards from heaps of races are all over the place in the my storage box. I have cut down the number of races designed to 12 (yes there was over 20 before, although focus was mainly on initial 6). With these 12 races I am going to focus on a smaller subset of cards (around 25 per race). Looking to balance these. I probably won’t be able to release all 12 at the same time, but I can at least get balancing for these core 12 races and look at what races people enjoy the most.

I am also looking into a single player and co-operative mode and have some initial designs for these. I have seen a lot of games on Kickstarter fail as they are a 1v1 card game. Also, there is a big market for single player games. Hopefully with the single player and co-operative (maybe up to 3), it will influence people past the 1v1 card game negativity.


I will continue to place up information online for both games. Hopefully I will get some blind playtesting soon and people getting interested in the games. I have also been told I should look at tabeltopia and/or tabletop simulator. They will be a good place to show off the games and get feedback.

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