Development Update #8

Long time between the last development update. I have been a bit busy and also waiting on the logo and card back to start the next phase of development.

War of Supremacy

Gameplay and Playtests

Since last update, I have had a number of playtests with the newest gameplay. Playtesters seem to enjoy the new format much better. It plays and feels better and has a quicker pace. So what has changed, and what is official?

Players will win the game if they win a number of conquests (based on the number of players/teams). balancing wise, 4 players and under seems to work well with 3 conquests. Any more and 2 conquests is a good number.

Players will pick up two cards at the end of each of their turns. Previously I was tossing up between one and two depending on how many cards in a player’ hand, however, two cards seems to do well. It keeps the cards flowing and cycling and if players lose a lot of cards, they can get them back relatively quickly. However, to stop people just hoarding cards, I have added that players must randomly discard two cards before they pick up if they have 10 or more cards. I want people to save their combinations, but do not want players to just horde a lot of cards the whole game. This gives a good balance, whereby they still get new cards, but they may lose their combination or card they want.

I also tested two player games. Previously I was a little worried about this as if it round wins/conquests, players can win a conquest if the opponent can’t defeat them once. For this reason, I made it so in two player games, the player wins a conquest if they defend for two opponent rounds. This means the opponent gets to pick up two cards in between rounds for another chance to win combat. However, the defender also gets two more cards so it balances out.

Team games were also tested (a 2v2). This turned out really well. Teams were split on opposite sides of the table so that no teammates were next to each other. Players had to win conquests individually, however a team won if they had three conquests between them. This means that teammates couldn’t put creatures on their teammates attack or defence, but can help out with spells. This means that everyone is either constantly attacking or defending and brings in some great back and forth combat. Also, if a player’s teammate is winning, there is little point in attacking them. This means they are essentially allowed a free pickup of cards and not waste resources.

One thing that did come from the playtests was that “play straight away” spells were often overlooked and not seen. I have currently put a big red icon with an exclamation mark on those cards so it should be seen, but I feel like this needs to be changed.

All in all, the game is looking really good and players seem to be enjoying the back and forth gameplay and little strategies and cards involved. 


I have finally received the logo for War of Supremacy. This was one of the reasons for holding me back pushing forward with prototype copies and marketing. Here it is. Let me know what you think 🙂

I am still unsure if it should be fully horizontal or vertical like it is now. It’s like this for the card back, however, it may work better on the cover horiztonally.

Card Back

Combined with the logo, I received the card back from the same graphic designer. let me know what you think!

Box Image

I have just talked with an artist and he is starting the sketches for the box cover. Once again, this was waiting on the logo design to come through to start. I am looking forward to working again with CJ. He has done a number of amazing artworks already. A lot you can find here.

Print on Demand

Also with the card back done, I have sent off a job to The Game Crafter for a prototype version of WoS. Just one copy for now. I will see how the printing comes out first and if anything needs adjustment. Only problem is, the queue and shipping will make it come in like a month. I am excited to see the prototype versions.

Print and Play

I have updated the rules and print and play documents since the changes. If you are interested in trying the game out or looking at the rules, you can see them here. I will be doing a cut down version of the cards soon.

I will start to advertise and link the page for people to try it out very soon.

Whats next?

Now that the gameplay has been pretty much finalised, I will start trying to spread the word of War of Supremacy and get more and more people playing it. It will look nicer with official prototype cards, but the home printed ones will work just as well. I will also be trying to showcase it on all the facebook channels and try and get people to my facebook page or sign up to my mailing list. This is the main priority now, getting yourself and the game known. It will be a long process, but it is rewarding.

I am still considering also using the Indie Alliance to send them a few versions for their minions to show off and get feedback. I have only heard good things from them.

Time of Ascendance

Not too much development done on ToA, as most of the priority has been done on WoS and the website. So far everyone that has tried has really loved versing the Kraken. They enjoy the challenge of it. I was also able to defeat it on Legendary mode, which previously I thought impossible. It did require several attempts, to construct a deck (instead of a starter deck) and to choose to opening hand. It still means it is beatable and a good challenge for the most hard core of players.


I have updated and finalized the website since last update. I cleaned up all the inaccuracies and like the layout of the website and the widgets. I will keep updating and populating in the future.

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