Development Update #9

Quite a bit has been going on since last update. I have decided to do the Kickstarter for War of Supremacy next year (likely February) instead of November this year. Unfortunately I do not have the backing as of yet, and the few extra months will help the promotional side of things as well as get everything ready for pre-production and getting prototype games to reviewers. In this time I will also start showcasing and playtesting at various local venues and demo at conventions like Pax (Australia).

War of Supremacy

Gameplay and Testing

I have recently trialed some small changes with picking up cards at the end of your turn. As of last development update, players got to pick up either one or two cards (based on the number of cards in their hand). I have now made it much more simple, and a lot more fun. Players will pick up three cards at the end of their turn, but will have to discard one of them. Coupled with this, I have recently tested having separate spell and creature decks. This turned out great and felt more strategic. You now have the decision to pick up from whichever deck you want. This occurs at the end of the turn or with any card’s effect (unless it specifies). Previously, players got to pick up from the one deck, and often picked up spells when they needed creatures and were useless to them, or creatures when they wanted spells. While still random, it at least now gives the option to the players. Have little cards in your hand, probably best to pick up creatures. Just started defending with a high score and powerful creatures, it may be best to pick up spells to help defend. Being able to do this and pick up three/discard one really makes the game great and strategic. It does not slow down the game either.

I have had a couple of test days, and would like to thank Andrew, Maricar, Aaron, Glenn and Mitch for helping to test. Got great feedback.

Some cards have also been tweaked based off playtesting. Some were a little too strong, some needed a new ability and others needed a rewording.

Prototype Cards

I received my copy of prototype cards from the Game Crafter. And wow they look fantastic. Thanks a lot!

They turned out so great, that I decided to print a copy of the “potential” first expansion of Blood/Dread. I would like to see how swapping races in and out affects gameplay, and if it feels different with the unique race mechanics.

Play Straight Away Cards

From last update, I have added the warning symbol on the cards. While it may or may not be final, it at least has stopped players holding them in their hand, not knowing they picked one up. Oh, and in the new rules, they must keep these as one of the three they pick up.

Cover Art

I have been working with CJ to produce the cover art for the game. It is so far looking fantastic and will hopefully have the completed image soon.


I have started asking for quotes from manufacturers for producing WoS. I have received one back so far and look forward to the others. I will have to look into cutting the number of cards down slightly for the base product. There are a lot of cards, and the core product would probably be better with a few less. However, more cards will be offered as stretch goals. Just need to get the initial cost down.

Whats Next?

The next phase will be getting the game and promotional things ready for Pax. Also it is time to start spreading WoS to local game stores and boardgame nights. I also need to get some blind playtesters, which will hopefully work out any issues with wording and gameplay.

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