Development Update January 2018

Welcome to January, 2018 development update for Lost Treasure Games. We have been very busy this last month. The Kickstarter for War of Supremacy just over four weeks away, so there has been a lot done. But there is still a lot to do.

Kickstarter Page

The main item that has been worked on since last update has been the Kickstarter page. It is about 90% done at this stage. You can come have a look at the preview with the following link. I would love any feedback. Let me know if I am missing anything important, or if there are any errors in spelling, grammar, images, links not working. 

Please note that the current price is not final, but is a very good estimate of current cost. We are still finalizing costs with shipping and multiple copies.

We have not yet received any videos from reviewers, but will soon.

Kickstarter Video

To coincide with the Kickstarter page, I have been working on the Kickstarter video. This is currently around 60% complete, with a bit still to add; a general synopsis of the game. I would be interested to hear what people think of this approach? It will currently do an introduction with lore and graphics and then be followed up with a quick overview of the game. Having done a lot of research on other Kickstarters, they all do it differently. There is no specific way to do it. What way do you prefer when watching a Kickstarter video? I would love to hear your opinions.

Please note that there will be more editing and smoother transitions in the final.

With both the Kickstarter video and page, I have had to learn After Effects. Having used Photoshop previously, it didn’t take too long to learn after watching tutorials. I am glad I gained this skill, and it will be very useful in the future.

Review Copies

Most of the review copies of War of Supremacy are with the reviewers. There are a few copies currently in production for reviewers I contacted late. So far the feedback has been positive, with reviewers enjoying the game. Unfiltered Gamer has mentioned it a few times on his Facebook live stream if you wanted to have a look.


I have done a big overhaul on the rulebook and now have a first draft of the psd version. You can have a look through this link. Once again, feedback is more than appreciated. The file is also up on our boardgamegeek page.

Gameplay Changes

Only a few small tweaks since last update. 

  • Play straight away spells now change how you pick up cards. You play the spell but then pick up additional cards as if it weren’t picked up.
  • If you don’t play cards in your turn, you get to pick up an additional turn. This is mainly added to assist players that have thrown down all their cards in a previous turn. It helps them resupply a little quicker.
  • The keyword Conquest has been taken out. It was too similar to the keyword combat and probably was not needed, as it just means win the territory.

There has also been a small change in wording on abilities to make it slightly easier for players to understand.


Next week I will be going to Cancon (a board game convention in Canberra, Australia) over the long weekend. I look forward to showing off War of Supremacy and networking. There are a lot of great Australian developers, reviewers, artists, etc and will be great to meet them and play their games. If your at Cancon next week, come have a game at our booth.

To coincide with this, I have been busy preparing for this. Updating cards and getting everything ready.

Print and Play files

Print and play files have been uploaded to the following link if you want to try it out. It has all the current cards with images on them. There will be a printer version coming soon. There is a lot of cards to print and cut out so be warned.

How can you help?

War of Supremacy is coming in just over four weeks. The current launch date is February 20 (American time) or very early February 21 Australian time (2-4am).

We would love to have as many people as possible to know about War of Supremacy and the Kickstarter before it launches. I need your help. If you could share any information or links about the game, it would be much appreciated. The more people that know about it on the first day, the higher chance of funding (and then making the game better with stretch goals).

Places where you can tell people about War of Supremacy:

  1. This website.
  2. War of Supremacy facebook page.
  3. War of Supremacy facebook group
  4. Lost Treasure Games facebook page.
  5. Boardgamegeek page.
  6. Twitter.
  7. Instagram 
  8. Tabletopgeneration.

We will send out the next update just before the Kickstarter launch. We are excited and nervous that it is coming so soon.

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