Development Update – June

Hi everyone! It has been a little while since my last update; the last one being the Kickstarter launch. I wanted to share what I have been working on these last few months in preparation for relaunch, and other designs that are in the works!

War of Supremacy

I have been working on a lot of different areas for War of Supremacy in preparation for relaunch. After the last campaign, I have learned a lot and hopefully we will be in a better place to fund this time round.

Community Growth and Input

I have been building our facebook group, and now we have over 100 people! What has been awesome, is the community giving feedback and helping in the design. I ran a few polls for features, factions and add-ons to be included in the relaunch. With the feedback gathered, we were able to add the following features to the core box:

New Additions to Core Box

  • New Faction: We are adding the Dread faction to the core box! This faction was previously in the mini-expansion The Rising Dread, but we felt that it would be better to include as much as we can in the core box, and get rid of the mini-expansion altogether. The Dread was voted on by the community and won over the Blood faction. We hope to get the Blood faction in the core box as well! You will have to join us in the first few days of relaunch!
  • Game Board: We have added a game board to place all the cards on! This will also have a scoring tracker for the defensive score to help. A prototype from TheGameCrafter as seen below. The creatures are sticking off the bottom in this version as it is the closest size theGameCrafter had. They will fit in the final version.

Based off community feedback, we hope to bring you many more additional features and add-ons in the relaunch.

Kickstarter Relaunch

Speaking of which. We have a launch date (or close enough to a launch date). Depending on what else is launching that week, we will be launching on July 24th or 2th! Now, this may be a bit longer than I had hoped, but I wanted to give as much time to marketing and getting the Kickstarter page right as I could!

I have been slowly working on the new Kickstarter page. I have placed a lot of the previous campaign assets on the page and am currently working out quotes with manufacturing and fulfillment. 

As seen above, I just received some new reviewer copies. One I will be sending out to Boardgame Spotlight, and the other Tantrum House. Hopefully, it will give us some fresh publicity on relaunch! 

Updated Card Text

I have been working hard to update the card ability text. Hopefully this will improve the overall gameplay and make it easier. These are not game changes, just rewording. Some examples can be seen below.

Updated Rulebook

I have been working hard on rewriting the rulebook; to make it easier to read and have a better flow, as well as including the changes to the card text. I am quite happy with how it turned out and will likely post it up shortly for some community feedback.


I have been working with my artist to finalize all the images for the game. There are only a few Territories now required to complete (plus any others that come about from the Kickstarter – stretch goals or hero pledge). I am hopeful that once we fund (staying positive), we can start the manufacturing process fairly close to straight away once the Kickstarter is over. Here are some of the amazing artworks done.

Quallum Forest

Picture 1 of 4

Whats Next?

Over the next few months I will be working to get War of Supremacy successfully launched and funded! This will include marketing, building the community, making the Kickstarter Page and working out all the details for quotations and getting the best price point for everyone!


While having a little break from War of Supremacy to refresh, I have also been working on a new game design called Ape-X. It is a worker placement, engine builder and feels really good. The core idea is that players are all mad scientists competing over a grant at the facility you work for. You must make use of the differently trained Ape helpers to perform a range of actions and bring them back to your lab to gain points and make your lab efficient. Different apes have been trained in different areas, so you must place them thoughtfully and timely as you only have one of each type to assist you. If you are interested, you can come join us on the facebook group and find out more about the game. The hope is that I will launch Ape-X after we fulfill War of Supremacy!

Keep an eye out for more information and the relaunch of War of Supremacy coming within the next few months!

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