The Road to Kickstarter and Board Games #11 – Engaging with your Backers

Engaging and connecting with your backers is important in many ways for a Kickstarter campaign. There are many ways in which creators can communicate with their backers and it has a few important roles in making your project successful.

Answer questions

Probably the biggest reasoning to engage with your backers is to answer any questions that they may have. Instead of cluttering your campaign with everything about the game, certain details can be described in questions and answers. However, if you notice a reoccurring question appearing, it may need to be looked at and potentially added to the campaign, or FAQ section where people can find easier. 


Instills confidence

Answering questions, and constant feedback leads on into the second point, instilling confidence in the  backers. If a creator is able to quickly respond to any questions or issues, confidence is built in the backers. 

Makes backers personally involved

When a creator responds to a backer personally, it makes them feel like they are part of the project. Makes them feel like they are being involved. A lot of backers are very passionate about projects and have ideas for it. Ideas can include stretch goals, add-ons or small gameplay changes/ideas. Creators responding to these suggestions (even if they nicely dismiss them) is a great way to include backers in the project. This way, those backers are more likely to share the project with others. You and all backers succeed together.

Show how passionate the creator is

If a creator regularly responds to backers, it shows that they are passionate about the project. They are taking their time to respond to the people funding their dream and idea. 

Build Relationships

You can build relationships with backers to help both promote the product and make it better. This can make you more visible in the industry.

Give a thanks

It is always great to be thankful for the support from your backers. If you can personally give a thanks to all your backers that would be great. For bigger campaigns, this may be harder, but for first time campaigners, I would recommend personally thanking each backer. It always feels good if a creator personally messages or replies with a thanks or answers your question.


So how do you go about responding and communicating with backers? There are many different routes online. 

Comments section on Kickstarter

You can respond to backers comments on Kickstarter. This will usually be the quickest and most efficient way to respond.

Message a backer directly on Kickstarter

Kickstarter gives the option to message backers directly. This option can also be used to message all backers at once, or potentially select backers of tiers or other filters (country, etc).


As mentioned in a previous lesson, updates can give backers good feedback on how the project is going, what stretch goals are coming up next and questions answered.

Social Media

You should be before the campaign, advertising your campaign through a lot of social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc. You should have specific pages set up for your game (or at least company). Here you can reply to backers and also see who is sharing and liking your campaign.

Social Media Groups

Use groups on facebook and other social media to both advertise and answer questions about the game. There are many dedicated groups to board games and it is a great place to communicate. Just be wary of the group specific rules.


Boardgamegeek is the biggest board game website. Before your campaign, you should have a page setup for your project (like this). In your games page, there are sections for images, information as well as forums. In these forums, people will talk about your project and ask questions. Here is a good place to respond. You will also often find people making their own variations of the game in the forum section. These are great as they help promote the game and ideas. Just be wary of how you respond to these ideas.


Reddit is another place where you can post up information and reply to backers and other people in the community. You can post up in or if your lucky enough for someone else to create your own subreddit, there. A lot of creators can do a Q&A whereby they will be online for a couple of hours answering questions.


There are many places you can interact with backers and others in the community and it has many benefits. Make sure you take the time to respond to as many comments and questions as you can, as nicely as you can. Engage the backers as much as you can with your product and make them feel part of your campaign and ideas as you can. People will like you and help you a lot more if you are engaging and communicate easily and quickly. 


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