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War of Supremacy

War of Supremacy is a free-for-all, king-of-the-hill style, fantasy card game in which all players are fighting over a centralized Territory: a battleground in which all players want to take control of and ultimately win in order to claim it as their own. If a player gains control over a number of territories they will control enough of the world to win the game. With all players fighting for themselves, the battlefield becomes an all-in brawl with only one winner.

Players take turns, using creatures from their hand to attack the opponent’s creatures currently defending the Territory. If a player manages to defeat the defending creatures, they take control of the Territory, placing all their creatures used in the attack into defense. That player will then become the defender in which all other players are trying to defeat.

If a player manages to defend against all opponents, then they win the Territory and take it as a victory point. Players can also win a Territory by building up enough score in their attack or defense to win the Territory outright before others get a chance. Players can combine creatures with spell cards that offer a wide range of game changing effects.

Time of Ascendance

Set in the same universe as War of Supremacy, Time of Ascendance (ToA) is a strategic 1v1 or 2v2 fantasy card game. The battlefield is a five-lane contest, with each player taking sides and trying to destroy three of the enemy five Territories situated behind their defenses. Positioning of your creatures is vital to both defend against your opponent’s attacks, create strategic combinations and advantages with your factions unique fighting style and find your own way to win.

Players must manage and pre-plan their actions. Each card in the game has a time cost, correlating to the number of turns required to enter play. Combining with this, the player gains mana to spend each turn. Mana can be spent on sending cards to their timeline, as well as rushing cards in the timeline (removing time cost), drawing additional cards, moving creatures around the battlefield, scouting the enemies timeline and some creature abilities. 


A mid-weight worker placement / engine builder for 1-5 players. In Ape-X, players are ape scientists competing for the Facilities scientific grant. Players will use the assistance of their ape colleague workers to perform different tasks. There is a large range of options available to each scientist and lots of scoring potential, and they should use their own unique ability to get the edge on their competitors.

Every item bought in the Facility will go back into your personal lab, making you more efficient and giving you points to outscore you opponent scientists. Buy chemicals to gain resources at the start of every round. Buy Lab Upgrades to be more efficient or give you points over time. Bananas manipulate your workers in different ways. Experiments offer a range of options and can be brought into your lab when made. Get Hypothesis cards for game ending points.

Your colleagues (workers) have been trained in different areas and therefore can only perform certain tasks. Gorillas are great at collecting resources from experiments, Orangutans performing the ability on Experiments and Baboons actually creating the Experiment to place in your lab. Monkeys are generalists that don’t have access to the Experiments directly, but can perform any of the actions at a cost. Players will have to use their workers strategically and timely.


In Hieroglyphs, players take on the role of priests who are trying to gain the favor of the Pharaoh and the Gods. To do this, players must play cards (tablets) on to their player board. Cards are dual purposed. The top half have hieroglyph symbols that when placed in a specific order, will gain bonus points from objective cards or from one of the Gods. The bottom of the card activates straight away and will either give points based on the other cards on the player’s board, hieroglyphic tokens that allow you replace card hieroglyphs or additional action cubes that allow you to gain favor with the Gods.

On a player’s turn they can do one of the following three actions:

  • Draft a card from the central selection to gain it to their hand.
  • Play a card from their hand on to the board.
  • Use one of the five God powers available in the game. God powers will allow you to either, manipulate your card draft, move or remove cards on your board, gain additional resources (tokens) or cause a little chaos to opponent boards.

The player with the most points after a player triggers one of the four end conditions wins the game.

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