Time of Ascendance


You, the player, are a General. You must strategically battle an opponent General to claim their Territory and gain power in the world. You must tactically place and manoeuvre your creatures, wisely cast spells to manipulate the battlefield and manage resources efficiently to win.

Goal of the Game

Players are on opposite sides of a Battlefield. Each player has five Territories in which they must defend by placing creatures in front of and using magic to effect the board. All Territories have their own health (10), and to win you must destroy three of the enemy five Territories.

There are many strategies that are viable in ToA; whether it is swarming the board with creatures, controlling the battlefield with high health creatures and spells or bringing in combinations of cards to both control and take out individual Territories at the right time. The more Territories you kill, the less the enemy has to defend.

The Battlefield


The Battlefield is the main area where all combat takes place. Creatures are the most important card type in ToA. Creatures can be placed in any position on your side of the Battlefield in either your Melee or Ranged Line. To win, you must strategically place your creatures to defend, attack and use abilities to outplay the enemy.  The game is a back and forth struggle with many decisions on placement and attacking and defensive options each turn. Knowing when to attack enemy creatures or kill an enemy Territory is key to success.

The Mana System and TimeLine

Unlike most other popular card games that use Mana to play cards directly from their hand, ToA requires all cards to go through a TimeLine first. At the beginning of each turn, time cost is removed from every card in your TimeLine and when a card is on 0, it can be played into the Battlefield. You can think of these cards as reinforcements, with better cards taking longer to come in than weaker cards.


Players also have Mana they can spend to effect the TimeLine and Battlefield. Mana increases and is replenished at the start of each player’s turn. Below are the possible actions that can be used with Mana.

  • Placing a card into your TimeLine.
  • Removing Time Cost off friendly cards in your TimeLine.
  • Scout an enemy card in their TimeLine.
  • Pick up a card from your Deck.
  • Move a friendly creature on the Battlefield.
  • Some card abilities

ToA is a game of forward planning and resourcefulness. Being able to predict and counter your opponent as efficiently as possible will win you the games.