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War of Supremacy is a free-for-all, king of the hill style card game in which all players are gods; fighting over individual Territories, in the world of Mahlor. Players use creatures, legendary heroes and spell cards to create high scoring combos. If a player manages to attack and to outscore the opponent player, they take control of the territory and go into defense. If they can then manage to hold and defend it against all other players, they take the territory for themselves and get one step closer to world supremacy and victory.

Aim of The Game

War of Supremacy is a free-for-all, king-of-the-hill style, fantasy card game in which all players are fighting over a centralized Territory: a battleground in which all players want to take control of and ultimately win in order to claim it as their own. If a player gains control over a number of territories they will control enough of the world to win the game. With all players fighting for themselves, the battlefield becomes an all-in brawl with only one winner.

Players take turns, using creatures from their hand to attack the opponent’s creatures currently defending the Territory. If a player manages to defeat the defending creatures, they take control of the Territory, placing all their creatures used in the attack into defense. That player will then become the defender in which all other players are trying to defeat.

If a player manages to defend against all opponents, then they win the Territory and take it as a victory point. Players can also win a Territory by building up enough score in their attack or defense to win the Territory outright before others get a chance. Players can combine creatures with spell cards that offer a wide range of game changing effects.

Master your tactics, form alliances and make enemies, and have a little bit of luck to win.

What Makes War of Supremacy Unique

King of the Hill style gameplay. All players are playing and fighting for themselves. 

Gateway (plus) game which can be learned in five minutes but still offers a lot of tactical gameplay.  

There is no mana like other card games. Create crazy combinations and build strength by putting together creatures of the same faction or type and using spells in a variety of ways.

A Large number of cards (250+) to play with; with lots of unique creatures, spells and territories.

Play how YOU want. With the many cards on offer, you can choose which cards and factions you wish to play with. There are also many variants to choose from. This gives lots of Replayability.

Very dynamic gameplay that can change suddenly.

Scratches the itch if you like Smash Up or Magic/Hearthstone.

Core Mechanics

Players are all in combat with each other fighting over the current Territory in play. Once a player has won a number of Territories, they will win the game.


On a player’s turn, they will start a combat against the currently defending opponent player that is control of the Territory. The current player will be attacking and the current player that controls the Territory will be the defender.

Each creature has varying scores in three different combat forms; Wild, Magic and Blade. However, the combat will only be fought using the current combat form card that has been turned over. For example, if Magic was the combat form in play, Eagle Aramund would have a score of 2 and Nazu Bolter would have a score (initially) of 4.







On a player’s turn, they can choose to start an attack by playing creatures from their hand down onto the table in front of them. The attack is successful and that player will win the combat if the attacking creatures can collectively outscore the defending creatures in the current combat form. While there is no casting cost to play creatures, there are limitations. For example, a player can only play creatures of the same Faction (top left corner) or the same creature type (eg Caster or Fae). If a player wins combat they take control of the Territory and become the defender all other players want to defeat.

At the end of each players turn they get to pick up three cards from either the centralized Creature or Spell deck (or combination of the two) and then discard one of those picked up cards.


Once a player has taken control of a Territory, they want to defend it against all opponents who are now trying to attack and outscore them in their turn. As the player is surrounded by enemies, they can’t add creatures from their hand into defence. Players can however defend using any available spells in their hand.

Winning a Territory

The combat between attacking and defending players continues until one player wins the conquest and claims the Territory. This can be achieved in one of three ways:

1: If the current player is still in control of and is defending the Territory after all other players have had their turns. This means that all other players have failed to defeat their defence or have had their turn skipped.

2: A player wins a single combat against another player (while attacking or defending) with a score of 20 or more points. Note, if a player’s defensive score increases above 20 outside of combat (example from an end of turn ability), they still must win the next combat to win the conquest.

3: A player can win the conquest by an ability of a card.

Once a Territoryhas been won, a new Territory card and Combat Form card are flipped over and a new Conquest starts.


Below is the components based off the Kickstarter.







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Rules and Print and Play

Please find below the rules and a free print and play of War of Supremacy. These have been made as printer friendly as they can be. These documents will be updated throughout development.

Print and Play and Rules can be found here.


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